HostWithLinux VPS review

Welcome to My HostwithLinux (Special plan) VPS review, I’ve got an amazing VPS from them and considered to write a review.

Lets start with some basic info about them :

HostWithLinux was started in 2012 with the aim to provide high quality, affordable and friendly hosting for people with a low budget. With the ever decreasing price of hardware and bandwidth we are able to provide budget hosting without impacting on quality of service. We manage our own servers and software allowing for quick and helpful support response times.
HostWithLinux is incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the United Kingdom, company number 09310035.

so it is registered company under UK law, they have corporate membership in WebHostingTalk (Most popular web hosting forums), and all of their control panels and other licenses are valid and legal so it is a good company.

VPS Specifications and what kind of use you can do with it :

-VPS total ram is 4096MB, it is more than enough for almost everything for personal uses, from game servers to web hosting.

-VPS processor is based on 4 Cores (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU L5420 @ 2.50GHz), a bit old CPU but it comes with 4 cores and 2.50GHz frequently which perform well compiling scripts at good time.

-I/O Speed is very impressive, it is something around 500MB/S, it is very fast, you can host large website and do some MySQL databases work as well as good performance in game servers.

-100GB SSD Cached is very good disk space, which is really cool for backups and to host website in it, or resell service (Web Hosting) with some CP (Kloxo or VestaCP, I dont recommend cPanel). Their hard disk is also RAID 10, so it is very secure and practical.

-In Special plan you can get 2TB Bandwidth! It is very suitable for medium and small sized websites.

-Network speed is 1gbps which is something like 120MB/S, this speed can be slow in sometimes (1gbps speed is shared), their network is very good if you are from United States (Because location is Los Angeles, USA) or some near state or country, you can use it for gameservers and to host some website that is for Americans in California or near states perfectly (especially Los Angeles and Washington), however it can be bad for some Asia and Australia users, so I dont recommend Asian and Australian and other countries far from USA to buy this VPS to use for Remote Desktop or for Gameservers (you will get bad ping), but it is ok if you are using it for host websites, their VPS’s come with 1 IPv4 address (IPv6 available on request), you can buy extra IPv4 (you should explain reason) and price is 1$/month per IP (price of most VPS providers).

-They use the most popular and easy to use SolusVM Control Panel, it comes with lots of features and API as well as start, reboot, stop and also monitoring ram, disk and bandwidth usage, Available OS : Fedora 20 32bit, CentOS 5 32bit, CentOS 5 64bit, CentOS 6 32bit, CentOS 6 64bit, Debian 6 32bit, Debian 6 64bit, Debian 7 32bit, Debian 7 64bit, Fedora 20 64bit, Ubuntu 12.04 32bit, Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, Ubuntu 14.04 32bit, Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

Performance & Benchmarks :
GeekBench 3 :

The VPS scored 1374 for single core and 4914 for multi cores, here is URL for more info :

I/O Speed :

The VPS I/O speed average is around 450-550MB/S.

Network :

The network speed is 700mbit and VPS is located in USA, Los Angeles, the only problem with that network that it dont have good peering to some Europe and all Asian Countries, and especially Australia (Because those regions are really far from USA), so I dont recommend to use this VPS for Gameserver and Remote Desktop if you are far from USA, Sometimes ping can go to 300ms if you are from Japan and some far regions (High pings can cause SSH connection lags).

Here is the full Network benchmark (almost every place) =>

Okala Speed Test :

-Download: 890.90 Mbits/s.
-Upload: 370.66 Mbits/s.

And result for another times :

Different results as the 1gbps link is shared between VPS’s.

Support :

I was just wondering about their support team, they are really helpful, I posted some test ticket asking about permission to run minecraft and IRC and they answered it in only 7 minutes! It is basic support (it is not managed hosting) but answers are really quick

Acceptable Use :

Gameservers and IRC channels and IRC bots are allowed, any illegal activities will get their VPS and account deleted without refund, read all TOS here :, I personally use that VPS for my personal use and store some important files and for education purposes.

Summary & Uptime :

the server overall performance is good, it comes with 4GB ram, 4 Cores Xeon, and 2TB Bandwidth as well as impressive I/O 500MB/S speed, you can see uptime COMING SOON,
their VPS is also ultra cheap, it is for only 6$/month without hidden and setup fees, it is limited offer (Christmas). Check it here (no referral link).

Thanks for reading!

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