Installing & Configuring Owncloud on Debian

Owncloud is a personal and enterprise file sharing web app was written in PHP, you can use it on your shared hosting or VPS as well as dedicated server to store your files securely, you can upload files simply and you can also upload files by URL (remote upload), you can create users and group, set permissions, setting web dav, sharing link with custom group and to public.

in this tutorial, i will explain the steps to install owncloud 7 on the debian-based OS, it was tested and worked on an OpenVZ, Debian 7, 4GB ram and should run on debian based.

## First step is optical, if you already have setup the webserver, PHP configuration and database, if you don’t, please follow them.

1. Update your repositories & install packages :

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install apache2 php5 sqlite3

sudo service apache2 restart

2. add the owncloud repository :

sudo echo ‘deb /’ >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list

3. Update your repositories list and packages :

sudo apt-get update

4. install owncloud :

sudo apt-get install owncloud

5. go to /var/www (default web server files) :

cd /var/www

6. in this directory you will find owncloud inside a folder named “owncloud“, to move files out of folder (using the ‘‘ instead of, execute following commands :

cd owncloud

mv * .* ..

cd ..

rm -rf owncloud

7.  visit your ip or domain, then type your preferred admin account’s username & password, and make sure to choose SQLite3 from the databases.

8. you can now login!

Note : when you login and want to upload some file, it will limit you by 2MB (very low) so coming steps will change this limit to almost unlimited.

9. go to php.ini file and configure settings :

nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini # if you have nano not installed, install it by “apt-get install nano”.

10. scroll down until you reach the “upload_max_filesize” change it (the value after the equal “=”) from 2M to 2048000MB, and “post_max_size” change it (the value after the equal “=”) from 2M to 2048000MB or any number of MB you want.

– you can configure other settings from PHP.ini to increase the limitations (memory limit, execution time, input time.. etc), and make sure to secure your owncloud as explained when you login to your admin.

Good luck!


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