Best OS for VPS (Virtual Private Server)

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in this article i will write the best os for VPS from my experience with them, VPS has wide range of os (normally linux), you may can’t decide which one is better for you, the problem is it different from person to another (depends on VPS usage), i will list the popular and useful ones, with some basic info.

CentOS :

is a great operation system which has too many features and it is great for gameservers, webserver and it is very easy to find working tutorials anywhere is search engines (Google and others), CentOS is based on Redhat source code, it’s package default extension is “.rpm”, and
also Centos template is available for OpenVZ VPS (Cheapest VPS on the market) and uses about +19 mb ram (can be higher or less) but in my VPS it used 9.38 MB (only system process no extra process).
Rate : 8/10

Debian :

Debian 7 is probably the best operation system, which is great for all VPS in all types and sizes, it use low ram but it is really powerful OS, it is more easy to find it’s tutorials in search engines, and it is really easy to use, and almost all of it’s problems is solvable ! it is also available as OpenVZ template, most of people prefer Debian over Centos for low ram, and easy to use … etc
it’s packages come with “.deb” extensions.

Debian used about 10.5 mb ram on my VPS! (only system process no extra process).

Rate : 9/10

Ubuntu :

Ubuntu is also good operation system that we should mention it here, it comes with powerful features based on debian, however most of debian tutorials or ubuntu tutorials don’t work properly or have problems.. it has awesome desktop (Unity) so it is good as remote desktop.

it also use “.deb” packages, ubuntu is very great for PC but not for VPS.

and ram usage is 11.71mb! (only system process no extra process).

Rate : 7/10

Windows :

the most popular and successful operation system which most of PC and laptops use it as well as lots of VPS and dedicated servers! windows tutorials uncountable! because it is popular, you can find  a vast amount of different ways to do something. Windows is paid OS and requires valid license (Providers will suspend you if you used the cracked version) however, some great providers give you free license of windows but with extra monthly price (normally expensive), windows isn’t available in OpenVZ it is available in KVM or Xen Virtualization.

Rate : 8/10


There are other OS like fedora, OpenSUSE and other OS.

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