Website Hosting : Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated Server.

in these days, you will find lots of hosting providers and also lots of types (Shared, VPS and Dedicated) and you will also find cheap and expensive hosting providers, in this article i will explain hosting types (Shared, VPS and Dedicated) and also the reason why some hosts quality is poor.

lets start with

SHARED HOSTING: it is the most popular type of hosting, it is used by wide range of people (for small and medium websites), the word “shared” means that you share resources with other people, CPU, RAM, Storage and others resources(like 100 clients on some dedicated server or VPS).

it is mainly consist on host reliability, server’s specifications, how host share it and how many clients they use for it,

usually cheap Hosting provider means bad quality (they put thousands of clients in small specification server!), and they may don’t have “fair share”, fair share can be done by some good configurations of CloudLinux (some script who put limits to fair share the server resources), but even cloudlinux can do it’s job correctly with lots of clients and small specifications (we call it OVERLOADED SERVER), so it became very slow, and useless for some small and medium websites, however some good Cheap provider like Hostwithlinux offer good hosting at very comfortable prices 10$/year for 10GB cPanel, softacoulous and cloudlinux Hosting!

they use some huge specification server with low number of clients, and also lots of features and generous disk space for people with low budget and high expectations! (they didn’t give me anything to write this words, i just want them to tell people about their awesome shared hosting and to appreciate their awesome work by having good number of clients), not hostwithlinux only, but lots of good price, reliable hosting providers like hostgator and godaddy (well known popular hosts), but i would recommend HostwithLinux for their comfortable prices!

Good Hosts VS Bad Host.
How bad hosts overload their servers


VPS HOSTING: VPS is Virtual Private Server, it is something between shared hosting and dedicated servers, VPS can be created from dedicated server, it and like shared hosting, it depends on Host’s server, resources, number of VPS per server and network speed!

VPS is more expensive than shared hosting (because VPS use more resources!) and also VPS is much better than shared hosting, however some bad host’s VPS can’t beat good host’s shared hosting!

VPS usually become slow because of something called “HIGH OVERSOLD”,

oversold : Hosting Provider have some server with 8gb ram (it is low specifications compared to good host’s ones!) so they create VPS with 1 gb ram, bad hosts sell 40 or more 1 gb VPS from only 8gb dedicated server! while good hosts sell only 10-15 1gb ram (they don’t oversold), hosting companies low price high specifications VPS actually sell something like : 15-20 of 1 gb ram VPS (cost of dedicated servers are really high), overloading has levels and you wont find a VPS hosting company who “never” overload (4%), so lets start : cheap and reliable dedicated server from colocrossing (16 gb ram) price is something around 135-165$ so, if company sell 16 of 1gb VPS so each VPS price will be something like 12$/month! (Without virtualization’s resources and control panel prices as well as customer support and ddos protection high costs!) so ideal vps will be something like 25$! Who will buy normal hdd vps for 25$? I can see lots of companies offers 2gb ram vps for something like 15$, overload isn’t bad, but high overloading is bad, so to find ideal host, dont focus on “non overload” but on “low overload” also i mentioned dedicated server price from colocrossing was 150$, what if your host bought dedicated server from another high price dedicated servers seller? It could reach 240$! The only way to make sure that you have “Dedicated Resources” is to buy some high performance dedicated server, and that will cost you lots of money, so i will suggest you some cheap VPS providers :

there is some trusted Cheap VPS Providers like HostWithlinux, and also medium price VPS providers like HostGator and Godaddy! and normal prices like OVH!

Oversold VS non Oversold
Oversold VS non Oversold


DEDICATED SERVERS : Dedicated servers is best thing in website hosting, however it have really high prices (more than 50$+ per month and can reach even 300$+!) however, you have your dedicated resources! which bad hosts can’t trick you in some way, but bad network and rude (bad) support is the bad things of dedicated server providers (especially the ultra cheap ones!), best Cheap Dedicated server provider is Kimsufi (but cant be used for serious business!) and if you want something more advanced and serious than Kimsufi (start from only 5$ per month!), you have and OVH as well as Softlayer (softlayer prices is high).


Summary : Website hosting start from shared to dedicated (from lower quality to best quality) if you have small and medium website then use the shared hosting, and if you look for something more advanced for you websites and have enough money for them i will suggest you try VPS and if your website was business class then you will have to buy some good dedicated server (you can also buy business class Shared or VPS hosting from trusted providers), and don’t be tricked with some cheap bad hosting providers (HostWithLinux is Cheap and trusted one) because most of bad providers do overload and oversold their servers.. and you may read lots of bad reviews about them! and for dedicated server i will recommend Kimsufi (start from only 5$ per month!), and OVH as well as Softlayer.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yeah it is different, VPS is good, it different from shared, i have some VPS’s, but i host this site in shared hosting (for easy management), when i get high traffic site then i will need to switch to VPS 🙂

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