GoldenDict – the free Windows & Linux dictionary

Most of time, when we see some kind of hard word, we try to find some dictionary to translate it to our own language, however, this cant be easy if you are looking for multiple sources for one word meaning, goldendict work as a dictionary reader that can import a wide range of files and dictionary extensions to search and query.

it is free, opensource, fast software that available for both Windows and linux as well as paid version in android,

it is very recommend since you can download and use your own dictionaries freely and it supports many languages including arabic, french, spanish,…etc

it can read (Babylon dictionary files, stardict, lingvo..etc), it is the best dictionary available for linux based OS, and full control over dictionaries and UI, so you can change fonts and interface by editing an html file, you can arrange dictionaries and index huge files, go to to learn more and download.

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