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Khudher :)

Khudher Mohammed

I’m Khudher Mohammed, a 17-year-old Medical Student and Tech Lover (Yes, I do like computers), I will tell you a bit about me 🙂

I like programming, I have designed numerous websites in HTML5/CSS3, and I have coded serveral components in PHP/JavaScript, I have learnt some basic PHP, Javascript, Bash and C in the last holiday, I’m not a professional, but, I would like to be one!

I do some graphic design when I feel like doing it, The picture on the left is one example, they are called illustrations, I design them with open-source software on linux called Inkscape, why don’t you give it some try? 🙂

I like Linux, It is my favorite and main OS, the best part about it being an open-source software, you can find the code behind the software/tools that you use daily, and so it can help you with programming (you can see how it actually works behind the scenes).

I use Open-Source software a lot! starting from my Operation System (Linux) down to gadgets (screenshot application), Thanks to GNU and FSF (Free Software Foundation).

I’m passionate about science, I like Maths and Physics, I like Astrophysics a lot, but I can’t really understand it, Hopefully i will, after learning more about Maths and Physics!

Please let me know if you would like me to do something for you, if you just want to chat, let me know too :)I’m Khudher, a 16 years old student and blogger, I have good skills in graphics designs, I create and design new things regularly, I have basic knowledge in HTML5/CSS3 and basic knowledge on PHP, Linux systems administrations, CMS systems and visual basic programming, and I always love to learn new things 🙂
Feel free to ask me any questions !

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