hubiC ~ Free +25GB cloud storage.


hubiC is a new cloud storage which offers generous free cloud space, it was established by OVH, which is considered the 1st Dedicated server provider in whole Europe, and 3rd in the world, it is a trust worth website. hubiC offers free 25GB storage by only signing up, it has too many features that make it in top of all other cloud storages (dropbox, skydrive.. etc).


  • Fast : hubiC storage servers is powered by OVH & Intel cloud technology which makes your data in secure and private place.
  • Download & Upload speed : hubiC premium bandwidth network has good peering to almost all of the countries, thanks to the location and OVH network, you can get good pings even from Asia!
  • Generous storage : unlike others, hubiC offers good storage to upload things to, you can get more than 25GB, check it in “Extra Storage” below.
  • File get replicated : according to hubiC in their website, file get replicated (duplicate) in 3 French data centers to offer maximum file protection.
  • Sync : syncing these days is important, like syncing your iPad/iPhone/Mac/Linux/Windows.. etc important files in the cloud, to be able to retrieve it quickly and securely on any device you have, hubiC syncing client is available everywhere, you can download it and see compatible devices/OS here.


Extra Storage

in hubiC, you can have lots of extra storage free or paid.


invitations : normally, when you sign up you can get 25GB storage, if you want to get 30GB storage then register from this link, if you want more extra storage, you can click on your name (account name) on top right, then choose my account, choose “Recommend your friends” from the left side bar, you can invite your friends via facebook, twitter and email and once they are verified you can get 5GB storage for each friend you get ! please use my referral link so we both get extra 5GB storage :


  • 100GB storage for only 1.00 €  incl. VAT/Month.
  • 10TB storage for only 10.00 €  incl. VAT/Month.

this is a very cheap prices compared to others (budget rates).

Make sure to read legal notes here :

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