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If you got spammed by some fake free VPS providers (yocats, guhat, gratisVPS and many others which request surveys for nothing!) or you want to get VPS for specific things (Hosting, Gameservers, Learning purposes) or you tired from searching for useless free trials, then this is the right Thread for you!

Free VPS providers is actually divided into two parts :

-Post2Host : They offer you VPS for free, but they have monthly posts requirements (instead of paying).

-No Post2Host : They offer you VPS for free, but without monthly posts requirements.

actually Post2Host is more successful, they usually have great VPS with no overloaded nodes and great network, and even sometimes have different locations!

thats you cant find in non Post2Host Providers which requires mobile verification to get or two weeks wait period, and also suspend for inactive.

i personally prefer Post2Host VPS Providers but i will first sort the Non Post2Host :

Non Post2Host:

VPS.ME: They offer VPS with 0.6 Ghz processor, 384MB RAM, 5GB Disk space and 10 GB Bandwidth.

-Pros :

  1. instant activation.
  2. Dedicated IPv6.
  3. wide range of operation systems.

Cons :

  1. VPS will be deleted for inactive reasons.
  2. Nat’d ip4 (nat means you can’t get dedicated ip, only specific free ports you cant have port 80 and other important ports, and may cause you some problems in some providers).
  3. Registration requires phone verification (140 countries).
  4. USA location (you may get high pings).

HapHost: Haphost is a Free VPS Provider (old : Host1free) they have really good VPS, i have experience with them, they offer VPS with 128 MB Ram, 10 GB space, 500 GB Bandwidth and dedicated ip4!

-Pros :

  1. Different locations : Europe and Africa.
  2. Dedicated IPv4 (you can use all ports, even port 80 and others).
  3. Really low pings : because you can choose you favourite location! (Europe and Africa).
  4. Support in forums.
  5. no monthly requirements (only activation each month).
  6. Multiple OS.

-Cons :

  1. Late in processing (may be 14 days!).
  2. Not Fast CPU.
  3. Block some specific ip’s in their panel.
  4. Delete VPS in inactivity (they deleted mine, but i was able to create new one).


Post2Host :

Post2Host forums give usually (not always) better VPS Specifications from non Post2Host.

if you are new to Post2Host Forums, i will explain why they give free VPS :

Post2Host forums always search for unique, high quality posts & threads. they aim to get quality posts to gather visitors from search engines like if someone post unique quality tutorial about making specific gameserver, a person will search google for it, and he will find it only on this Post2Host, so they will get traffic and get more popular. they often put ad to earn the cost of VPS or to earn money to themselves. Post2Host forums usually look for sponsors who sponsor them quality VPS, so Post2Host forums help companies to get popular and gather customers.

so to be good member, make sure to post high quality posts. here is an High quality post :

in this topic we will discuss the best free vector graphics program for creating .SVG’s (Scalable Vector Graphics).
for me, i will choose inkscape for the following reasons :


  • Easy to use.
  • Many Features.
  • Compatible with Many OS : Linux, Windows, OS X (Mac).
  • Ability to give outputs of (.psd (Photoshop Format), .xcf (GIMP Format)..etc).
  • support custom styles of fonts (thin, light, hairline, regular, medium, heavy ..etc).
  • User friendly and attractive design.
  • free.

Vote for your favorite vector graphics software and discuss reasons with replies. (using unordered list).

P.S :

  • GIMP dont support SVG.
  • illustrator is not free.

i dont agree with you, i find (EXAMPLE) more stable and powerful and contains features inkscape don’t have.

if it is very hard to you to post quality Threads, then post high quality posts! this will be high quality reply to above thread :

i dont agree with you, i find (EXAMPLE) more stable and powerful and contains features inkscape don’t have like :

  • First.
  • Second.
  • Third.
  • Fourth.

And also i wont suggest you free Vector Graphics software if you do serious work, i prefer to purchase good one myself.

Also make sure to Check your spell, grammar and don’t post short posts!

so after you understand the Main idea of Post2Host Forums, i will sort them here :

HostingANL:  HostingANL is a small Free VPS community which offers good VPS specifications at only 10 Posts/Month. you will get 20GB Space, Unmeasured Bandwidth, 512MB Ram, Powerful low ping network and it is located in USA (Servers from owner buys the servers himself (no sponsors).

-Pros :

  1. Good Uptime.
  2. Dedicated IPv4.
  3. 1gbps internet link.
  4. no link back or review required.
  5. All countries!
  6. SolusVM Control panel.

-Cons :

  1. USA Location may get high pings sometimes.
  2. a bit high requirements (30 posts/month).

Update 1/2/2015 : HostingANL don’t offer free vps in USA anymore.


Host4Post.EU : Another trusted Free VPS provider which have big forums, and it is the second big Post2Host, they have Sponsors who sponsor them with really great VPS, they have nice VPS Specifications located in USA, but they have high monthly requirements (30 Posts/Month), and you may can’t do per month if you were busy, take a look at their Plans (skip the untrusted message from your browser if you have one.).

-Pros :

  1. High Specifications VPS to do various jobs.
  2. They usually offer Dedicated IPv4.
  3. They usually offer Control Panels (SolusVM, Feathur..etc).
  4. USA location (Good if you near from USA).
  5. Good admins and fast Requests Process.

-Cons :

  1. High monthly requirements (30 Posts/month), but there are too many threads, so you can just reply with some quality posts.
  2. Link back is required (only if you run a proper website) and review is required.
  3. they may cancel your VPS for inactive purposes.
  4. they need mobile verification to process requests (to avoid spam, and they won’t spam you).

Host4Post is now offering some 128mb ram VPS located in UK for only 10posts/month.

Update 1/2/2015 : Host4Post.EU is closed temporary now for maintenance.

SubnetWeb : Another VPS provider, which offers High Specifications at (20 posts/month) their specifications are very nice with stable low ping network located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

-Pros :

  1. High Specification VPS at low requirements.
  2. SolusVM Control Panel (Probably the best Control Panel for VPS).
  3. Wide range of OS.
  4. Stable high quality network.
  5. their location is Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  6. Available in all countries.

-Cons :

  1. Link back is required.
  2. may late in requests processing.
  3. SubnetWeb was down for a while and didn’t give the people their VPS or data back without warning, so not many people trust them now.

They are now offering some VPS (not high quality) in Ukraine by VDSinside, it is for only few posts per month.

FreeVPS.US : The biggest Post2Host Free VPS provider with more than +11000 members and 147,000 post! they have really nice, high specifications but at high monthly requirements, i didn’t try them myself.

-Pros :

  1. High Specifications VPS from Trusted Providers.
  2. Easy to post quality posts (as there are too many threads & Discussions).
  3. Big and old Provider.
  4. Many VPS’s available each month!

i can’t write more Pros as i don’t have VPS from them but i know a little bit about them.

-Cons :

  1. they don’t offer it to countries who had trade sanction with USA.
  2. Their locations is USA, so you will probably get high ping if you are far, but they go Some VPS located in Europe but with low specifications.
  3. for protecting VPS from getting spammed, they ask you the full home address, even the street number.
  4. Link back is required when you run website.
  5. Giveaway is only once per month, so you can’t request in another day.

NationServer : another great free VPS providers which come in Third place after Host4Post.EU , NationServer Owner (casper253) own some web host (mrcasperhosting or mrkinghosting), so he sponsor community himself (they also look for another sponsors), Nationservers come with really nice theme, and there requirements are 20 Posts/month, which is smaller Than Host4Post.EU and FreeVPS.US but you could get a really nice specifications from them

I DONT have nationserver VPS at the moment, they were down for a while, but at 1/1/2015 they will offer some 512mb ram VPS’s

Update 1/2/2015 : they are offering some high specification VPS’s at the moment, don’t forget to check it out! : is a new Post2Host community, they have had problems in the beginning, however, they were able to over come it and established a very good & Trusted Post2Host community, they have good sponsors, sponsoring them with Europe and USA VPS & requirements is 30 (a bit high, standard for p2h though), I haven’t had a VPS with them, but i visited forum, registered and read some reviews. The owner, Fahad isn’t the best guy but his community is ok.


  • None


  • 30 Posts/Month (a bit hard) but to keep you have to post 25.
  • seems providers network are not good in some reviews.
  • Always down
  • Unreliable
  • Rude owner

They don’t have giveaway (VPS) available now.


Another new Free VPS Providers : BOXC.CLUB, they seems to be a good post2host, it is an active community at the moment.

Thanks For Reading!

6 thoughts on “Free VPS

  1. I have read some excellent stuff here. Certainly value bookmarking for
    revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you place to create this kind of excellent
    informative website.

  2. Post2host is for idiots.
    I prefer to pay 3-10$ month and have RIGHTS on reclamations, than spend my time doing gooood writtings on nobody’s website.

    I can earn MORE than amount to pay a VPS just on the street like the vagabonds.

    The FREE ones im not sure why does exist. The only 3 things i can figure out are:
    1 – Youre under some provider testing platform. Real example. I got a free HAPHOST vps, slow but ip4 and good at all. I have also host1plus paid vps. By digging into ip’s and panels, i have discovered that may be the same entreprise, so haphost is a host1plus testing/free platform.
    2 – You are on a promotional stage. No matter if they sell to you as FREE. Finally your vps will ran out with no reason. It’s the FREE promo cycle. You’ll say to friends about your new vps free… right. So got lucky when you loose it.
    3 – You have paid yet with your data and some extra survey, also with your private data or anything you put in.

    So, i’ve TRY ALL free vps in the worl, being impressed about the full SCAM websites offering freebies when really are nothing. The only two that gaves me a VPS was but was a bullshit, and the HAPHOST, wich is not accepting new clients –they say– “due to ipv4 lack” but does not offer ipv6 free vps nor reply my emails. The 3rd “free” vps was requiring me a credit card, but was really free, just 0,30/mont due to HD extra usage. I talk about YEAR FREE-tier VPS on Amazon. Includes Windows server for Free (no extra license) and i use a whole year and was fantastic (excluding the windows SO bad usage of 600mb ram, with linux runs better…).

    Finally, if you really NEED vps, search about LOWENDVPS. If you don’t care about your privacy, got a USA ultra cheap VPS.

    If you need a temporary/short-term vps, dig for free digitalocean 5/10$ coupons and run quality services.

    I will do a full post with my researchs about this on my site, because toooooo much people DIG into the internet thinking that free vps is a good idea. I only use them to run temporary services. DNS replication/encription/backup/mining low difficult cryptocins, etc.

    Im really bored about that and i think a can made up a good and extensive blog post.

    Best regards.

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