Microsoft Office free alternatives

These days, almost all of us use the computer’s office for our personal and commercial usage, While Microsoft office pack is the most popular and easy office pack, there are also reliable Free offices for all operation systems,

Microsoft office costs a lot, it requires payment every year, and it is not available in some systems like Linux OS, and not perfect with MacOS.

so lets begin with the list :


the most popular operation system and has many free and reliable office pack, (i should mention that some packs contains some software like some softwares for optimizing PC, those softwares start with your computer when OS start, so you should either uncheck this types of software in the installation wizard or just remove it from Control Panel).


WPS Office

(aka Kingsoft office) : the most popular free office pack which used by 700 million people (a huge number), it has many features that looks too similar to MS Office, I would recommend it for users who like (or used previously) Microsoft office 2007+, it is good and convenient office pack.


you would choose the “Libreoffice” if you are looking for (classic) and stable office pack, it is based on the stable openoffice, Libreoffice has writer, presentation, spreadsheets, Maths, and even Databases, however, it might be hard for MS office user to use this software, but it is fast, reliable and support too many extensions as well as the “.ODF” extension.


is also a very good office pack, it is almost the same as libreoffice (libreoffice is based on openoffice), so you would see high stablity.



in Linux, you won’t find MS office, so you have to find a good alternative for it, it is my current OS and I will list the best office packs and bad points, here is the list :

WPS Office

yes, WPS is available for linux, however, it is in alpha, which is considered unstable and has bugs.. etc, i tried it in my OS, it has great interface and speed, however it has some kind of lags, and it dont support RTL languages, and dont support font styles such as (Thin, Light, Hairline) only basic ones like regular, bold, italic and bold italic, i would recommend this for a windows user who recently switched to linux, it is very good and easy to use.


Libreoffice maybe the best office pack available for linux, with it’s excellent speed and reliability, it is very stable and fast, I used it to print some documents (it is a bit hard and has some problems) but it can support RTL and Equations as lots of other features, however, it’s column’s features is a bit laggy, it can support font styles and text direction complete support.


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